Choose the Best Fit-Out Company that’s Right for your Business

Follow our 4 helpful hints and choose a fit-out company that can meet all your interior design requirements by seamlessly blending the professionalism of your industry with the uniqueness of your brand.


Your business and your brand are the hallmark of your success. Creating tailored office space that is practical, functional and engaging will require design ingenuity and strategic creativity. To ensure that your office space projects professionalism and the desired positive image, follow these 4 helpful hints and appoint the best fit-out company that’s right for your business:

1. What experience does the company have?

This question is particularly pertinent if you work in a highly regulated and/or professional industry, e.g medical. The fit-out company should have the relevant knowledge and expertise needed to cater for the industry requirements of your business as well as extensive experience and knowledge of helping brands to connect with their audience by skilfully using various experiential design, location planning, production and logistics techniques.

2. Are the project timeframes realistic?

The success of your business is dependent on the productivity of your staff and your ability to provide the required services. An office fit-out may interfere with your business’s daily business operations. To minimise any financial impact on your business, it’s important that the company can complete the office fit-out to the highest standards within a realistic timeframe.

3. Does the company have a proven track-record of accomplishments?

Your business and your brand are unique. The company you choose should not only have design creativity and vision but should also be able to produce practical and strategic solutions to design and space elements that will work within your industry and office environment. The company should be able to provide you with a portfolio of work that displays and highlights their creativity and strategic solutions.

4. Does the company provide a comprehensive fit-out service?

Choose a company that is going to satisfy your specific fit-out needs by offering a comprehensive service that includes planning, design, project management and implementation. This comprehensive service will enable you to focus on your business whilst they create an extraordinary brand experience through strategy and experiential design specifically tailored to meet the design and branding requirements of your business.

If you’re looking for an experienced, reputable company that provides a comprehensive fit-out service and has a proven track record, get in touch with the Colab Design Group today. We have over 30 years combined experience in creative development and production, as well as a diverse portfolio of turnkey services.

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