You’re 3 Easy Steps away from a Lead-Generating Exhibition Stand

Your exhibition stand is the shop window of your business.  Make it warm, inviting and memorable by creating an extraordinary customer experience that connects your customers with your brand and generates high quality leads for your business.


Expos offer your business an invaluable marketing opportunity to connect directly with customers, and you need to make it count.  By teaming up with a talented and resourceful design team, you will be able to use a combination of impressive techniques to create an expo display that stands out and leaves a lasting and memorable impression on your customers.

Through 3D brand architecture, your exhibition design can be brought to life and tweaked to include custom exhibition displays and a symphony of typography, colour, imagery, form and technology;  a powerful design that can communicate your message, and block out the ‘noise’ of the competition.

Even with all the lights, graphics, bells-and-whistles, it’s important that you don’t lose overall sight of the purpose of the expo, which is to connect with your audience.  Focus on the following 3 elements of your stand, to create a welcoming environment that effectively communicates your business’s message:

Interact and engage with your customers.  There is no substitute for human interaction to ‘seal the deal’.  An incredible stand is only part of the expo experience, it draws your customers in and piques their interest but it’s the ability to interact and engage with your business in a meaningful way and on a personal level that can make your customers feel valued and enhance their overall customer experience of your business.

Customer Experience. Your stand design should include interactive and demonstrative elements that enable you to highlight your services/products, including the problems you aim to solve and how your product/services can make your customers’ lives easier.  A collaborative design that fuses both creativity and technology can deliver an extraordinary customer experience that is powerful, memorable and connects the customer with your brand.

Clear branding and messaging.  In the pursuit to draw and engage your customers, you should never lose sight of your business goals for attending the expo.  Ensure that the messaging and branding throughout your expo stand is clear, concise and true to your goals.  All design elements, interactive opportunities and the full customer experience must hark back to promoting your business.

Creating an unforgettable, lead-generating exhibition stand that wows your customers, promotes your business and extends the reach of your brand requires creativity, innovation and the ability to connect with an audience in a busy arena.  Rise above the din by focussing on an incredible customer experience – one that makes a lasting impression because your message and its delivery resonate with your target audience.

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