Defining Corporate Culture Through Thoughtful Office Design

Corporate culture and identity are not just intangible concepts.  They manifest themselves in the tangible by affecting the productivity and motivation of the workforce.  Find out how to capture your corporate culture and inspire your staff. Corporate culture reflects how you do business;  your values, motivation, and ethos, and is a driver of employee productivity.  […]

Fit Out Your Office For Collaborative Success

The workspace has changed.  We are no longer bound to tiny cubicles by the twisted cords of rotary phones; and the large open-plan office concept seems as relevant today as those same rotary phones. So, how can you transform your office floor plan into a collaborative success for your business? Typically, workplace collaborations would have taken place […]

‘Tis The Season…To Start Thinking About A Creative Expo Booth For Your Business

As we usher out 2019, businesses are already turning their thoughts to the New Year.  Marketing strategies, engagement ideas and conference and expo opportunities are already starting to fill the 2020 calendar. A new year brings with it fresh opportunities and new business avenues to find and connect with customers and explore new markets.  A […]

Perfect Medical Fitouts Take Careful Planning

We’ve compiled a list of 3 key elements to consider about your practice that will go a long way to adequately briefing your chosen medical fitout specialists that will ultimately result in creating a functional, safe and hygienic space for your staff and patients.   Medical fitouts differ from other types of fitouts.  Additional factors […]

3 Creative Musts For An Exhibition Stand That Generates High Quality Leads

Showcase a unique, bespoke, carefully crafted and designed exhibition stand that offers your visitors the ultimate customer experience, thereby connecting potential customers with your brand and potentially generating high quality leads.  The modern consumer is a busy, multi-tasker with many stimulants vying for his/her attention.  To truly connect with potential customers, businesses need to present […]

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Download our BESPOKE EVENTS + CUSTOM STANDS BROCHURE and make sure you have all the bases covered at your next trade show, expo or event.