Custom Exhibition Display Stands & Booth

Colab Design Group is an experiential design and build company made up of a team of creative, innovative and motivated designers and builders who can’t wait to bring your brand and vision to life through exhibition displays and custom exhibition display stands that will cause a stir at exhibitions, events and expos.


Exhibitions, events and expos are ideal opportunities to meet and engage directly with customers and potential customers, for customers and potential customers to interact with your services and products and to showcase what makes your business unique through clear branding and messaging. Scintillating and captivating exhibition displays can be ideal and memorable marketing tools that perfectly encapsulate the essence of who you are as a business and a brand.

Custom exhibition stands can be a powerful addition to your marketing strategy when combined with compelling branding design and interactive displays.

The Colab Design Group Approach

We work across all industries and business sectors throughout Sydney, Melbourne, the Gold Coast, Brisbane and beyond. Our creative team are bursting with ideas and we know that your business and your brand are unique – we aim, through a collaborative design process that fuses both the creativity and technology, to create an extraordinary customer experience that connects your customers with your brand.

We work closely with our clients so that we can combine your vision with our innovative and creative exhibition design techniques to come up with a custom exhibition stand or exhibition display that not only incorporates an intelligent design but that looks amazing and is a practical and functional use of space that customers can interact with and move around in.

Let us create an award-winning live experience that will wow your customers.

Give your customers the opportunity to experience your products and/or services whilst communicating your brand message in a compelling and striking way.

From vision to concept to build, our extensive experience in designing and creating custom displays and custom exhibition stands is based on creative and visionary exhibition designs that will maximise customer engagement, maximise interaction with your services and products and maximise communication of your brand message.  Through 3D brand architecture, your exhibition design can be brought to life and tweaked to include custom exhibition displays.  We pride ourselves on conducting a symphony of typography, colour, imagery, form and technology to create powerful designs and exhibits that communicate.

So, if you’re looking for a creative, innovative, outcomes-based business to produce your next custom exhibition display or custom exhibition stand, please contact us. We’d love to show you how your brand and vision can be brought to life through our creative design ideas and build services.

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