The team at Colab Design Group have a proven track-record for all types of fitout projects across different sectors throughout the Sydney area.




We offer a wide range of inhouse design and build fitout options to suit your commercial, office, retail, pop-up and kiosk needs and, as a team of recognised and renowned retail designers, office interior designers and retail, commercial and office fitout builders, we are best placed to help you develop your unique brand space.



We have the vision, flexibility and design capability to transform business interiors and spaces. As an experienced design agency specialising in office and commercial office interior design, our design team will work tirelessly to remodel, reshape and reorganise your retail spaces into a shopper’s delight by creating practical, functional spaces that include captivating displays and inviting and memorable presentations that will have the desired effect on shoppers. And it’s not just the static retail spaces that we can transform – we can help you with retail pop-up kiosks and brand space kiosks in Sydney too.


Whether you’re launching a new product, looking for a fresh new design and layout or wanting to strategically draw your shoppers’ attention to specific promotions, offers or newly launched products, our innovative, creative and motivated design team will come up with a fitout solution that best suits your needs in a practical, functional and engaging manner.

Our creativity and expertise don’t end there though! We are also expert office interior designers who are ready and waiting to bring your commercial fitout design ideas to life. Through creativity and innovative design, we can seamlessly blend the professionalism of your industry with the uniqueness of your brand.

Our services range from ad hoc re-designs and refurbishments to complete redesign of spaces, from concept to fitout and build. We aim to create extraordinary brand experiences through strategy and experiential design tailored specifically to meet the design and branding requirements of our clients. Your brand is a beacon for your business, promoting your message, your vision and your expertise. Our in-house creatives, with their extensive experience and knowledge can help brands connect with their audience by skilfully using various experiential design, location planning, production and logistics techniques.



From concept and design to fitout and build, we deliver desirable, turnkey services and solutions that convert ideas and concepts into reality. So, if you’re looking for an experienced and creative experiential design agency that offers creative and innovative design solutions to your retail, commercial or office spaces, please contact us. We’d love to show you how your brand and vision can be brought to life through our creative design ideas and fitout and build services.

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Download our BESPOKE EVENTS + CUSTOM STANDS BROCHURE and make sure you have all the bases covered at your next trade show, expo or event.