3 Creative Musts for an Exhibition Stand that Generates High Quality Leads

Showcase a unique, bespoke, carefully crafted and designed exhibition stand that offers your visitors the ultimate customer experience, thereby connecting potential customers with your brand and potentially generating high quality leads.


The modern consumer is a busy, multi-tasker with many stimulants vying for his/her attention.  To truly connect with potential customers, businesses need to present something different – something memorable, unique and easily identifiable.

3 Creative Musts for Your Custom Exhibition Stand:

1. Strategy: This may not seem like a very creative element but the entire success of your creative expo booth could depend on the time taken to iron out the finer details, including where in the expo your stand will be located, the floor space available for the stand, etc.  These are the details that will enable you to deliver your message AND leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Strategy planning will also enable you to factor in a number of considerations:  will your business benefit from a lightweight, portable exhibition stand, a reusable, modular one or a bespoke modular one.  Modular exhibition stands, designed for multi-use, are ideal as they can usually be reconfigured for different stand sizes and even allow for interchangeable graphics should you wish to update and/or modify your content.

2. Business Objectives: This Creative Must will feed into and inform the strategy development.  When strategising on and designing your WOW creative expo booth, consider what your business expo objectives are and the message you want to convey, i.e. are you exhibiting to increase brand awareness, are you launching a new product/service?  An exhibition stand to promote and increase brand awareness will be very different to one that aims to launch a new service or product.  Whatever the objective, be sure to include a unique interactive element that will get visitors excited and keep them engaged and interested without losing focus of the overall objective.

3. Be Bold, Be Creative: Your custom exhibition stand must be an extension of your business, reflecting the same ethos, ideals, and values whilst delivering a message to visitors and potential customers.  Avoid a flat, uninspired exhibition stand by incorporating interesting design techniques, like 3D brand architecture, and custom exhibition displays with powerful design elements that communicate your business message.

A creatively and professionally designed custom exhibition stand can be a ‘golden ticket’ for your business.  By creating a warm, innovative and interactive creative expo booth, you’ll be creating a lasting and memorable impression for your brand and your business, extending the reach of your brand and resonating with your target audience.

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